Oral Presentation Guidelines

About the Presentation

  1. Presentations MUST be prepared and delivered in ENGLISH.
  2. The duration for each oral presentation is 15 minutes [i.e. 12-minute presentation followed by a 3-minute question and answer (Q & A) session].
  3. Staff will give the presenter a reminder at the 12 minute mark and notify the presenter when time is up. 

File Uploading Arrangement

  1. Presenters for the first oral session of the day should upload the presentation file no later than 15 minutes before the start of the session. Presentation venues will be opened by staff 40 minutes before the first oral session of the day.
  2. All other presenters must arrive at their presentation venue at the end of the oral session prior to their designated oral session to upload the presentation file.
  3. A detailed file uploading schedule will be announced in due course.

About the Presentation File

  1. Oral presentation venues will be equipped and supported with the following items:
    * Desktop computers with Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2016 (MacBook will not be available)
    * Microphones, projector and screen 
  2. Please save your presentation file on a USB flash drive and upload the file to the desktop at the presentation venue. Using your own laptop is not recommended.
  3. Presentations can only be delivered in Microsoft PowerPoint/ Adobe Acrobat Reader. You are strongly encouraged to test run your presentation prior to the session.

Poster Presentation Guidelines

About the Poster

  1. Posters MUST be prepared and delivered in ENGLISH.
  2. Posters must be designed, prepared, printed and posted on the spot by the presenting authors.
  3. Posters must be designed to fit the poster board. The posters must be A0 Size [841mm (width) x 1189mm (height)] in portrait orientation. 

About the Poster Arrangement

  1. Each poster board will be numbered. The poster number will be provided to each presenter via email by the AAC 2022 Secretariat in due course.
  2. Poster presenters should affix their posters to the boards according to their assigned poster number (NOT abstract number).

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