Taiwan Cuisine

Taiwanese cuisine also bears the imprint of the Hakka family, an ethnic Han Chinese group originated in the 17th century or so. Today, 4.5 million Hakkas call Taiwan their home, and their cooking gives us a lot of Taiwanese flavours. The sweet flavours of the Chinese from Fujian, which permeated dishes such as Taiwanese Steam Sandwich pork belly, they came here during the Qing Dynasty and at the end of The Chinese Civil War in the 1940s with a flood of mainlanders. In the late 1800s, the Japanese colonized Taiwan for 50 years, bringing with them delicious pickled vegetables, sesame steamed rice and seafood dishes based on seasonal ingredients. Not surprisingly, the United States has also left an indelible mark. Wheat products have become widespread throughout Taiwan post-war era, Americans brought countless wheat to the island. Foods such as wheat noodles, wheat flour bread, sweet bread and dumplings became a national obsession.

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